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Update: A few notes about the food during the gathering

Since it is a city gathering and we don’t have a kitchen at the headquarters, you will have to take care of your own food most of the time.

Exceptions are the dinner on Wednesday and the brunch on Sunday. Of course you are also welcome to add some more delicacies to the brunch on Sunday.

If you have any intolerances or allergies, please check the offered food yourself or ask the person who brought it to the meal. The dishes for the dinner are vegan and for the brunch vegetarian or vegan.

You are also welcome to eat your food at the headquarters. You just have to organize it yourself and clean up afterwards. There are several supermarkets, food stores, restaurants and snack bars close to the headquarters.

For easy share of drinks and to be sustainable, it’s nice to have your own cup with you.

Water, tea and coffee as well as fruits and cookies are provided at the Faerie Café. Foxxy will even prepare at times some healing teas for us there.

The picnic on Saturday will be a potluck.

May the gathering nourish us well in all ways possible. 🙂