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Here you’ll find some useful hints for your Berlin visit

Emergency Numbers

Police 110
Emergencies 112
Both should work without dialing code


In Germany, the voltage is 230 volts. So-called EU plugs are required.

Tap Water

The water from the tap is controlled by the state. It*s flawless, good and even “cleaner” than some bottled water.


The international dialing code for Germany is +49 (+49 – [0]XXX – 12345678)
If you are not from the EU, many shops sell SIM cards that allow international calls at reasonable rates. Otherwise, check with your provider beforehand to see if there are cheap options for phone calls and data within Germany.

Getting around in Berlin

To get around within Berlin, the public transportation and bikes are the best options.

You can buy tickets for public transportation (buses, trams, underground trains / U-Bahn, suburban trains / S-Bahn and some ferries) via the BVG app on the phone (BVG = Berliner Verkehrsbetriebe) or on machines throughout the system.

Prices for tickets of the BVG (& S-Bahn) are:
Single Ticket AB 3,20 €
Single Ticket short trip: 2,20 €
4 Tickets AB 10,00 €
Day pass (24 hours) 9,50 €
Week pass (7 days) 39,00 €
Single Bike ticket (to take the bike on U- or S-Bahn): 2,20 €

Berlin is in zones A & B. All events take place in Berlin. You only need a ticket with zone C for a journey to the surrounding areas of Berlin or to and from the airport.

More info:

During the gathering, construction is taking place on the metro line to the faerie headquarter. Lines U1 and U3 will therefore run differently. Line U3 only goes as far as Nollendorfplatz. Line U1 only runs between Gleisdreieck and Warschauer Straße. Only the U2 runs between Wittenbergplatz and Gleisdreieck. The underground station Kurfürstenstraße is closed (you can use the station Bülowstraße (U2) instead).

Several places rents out bicycles for around 12 €/day,
e. g.

rents out bikes for 20€/month plus 30€ service fee if you rent only for one month.

There are also several bike sharing companies, where you can rent bikes for single trips. You find a list of the companies and their webpages and regulations here:

If you are into electric scooters – you can rent those all over in Berlin with Bolt, Bird, Tier, Lime or Voi. Please drive careful and follow the rules. They all work with apps.

If you are into scooters – you’ll find those on the street. You’ll need an App to use it. The biggest provider is Emmy. Your driver license needs to be validated to use scooters and a helmet (included with the scooter) is mandatory.

Taxi / Uber / Bolt
Taxis via Phone or App or on the street – Bolt & Uber via App.
Uber & Bolt are usually less expensive.


If you’re going out for dinner or into bars and other venues the chances that you’ll have to pay in cash are quite high. It makes sense that you always take some cash with you.
If you want to change other currencies into Euro you’ll find offices close to stations (see Link). Some credit cards (American Express, Diners e. g.) are not accepted often.

more info’s here:


Tips are customary in Germany. As a rule, you tip between 5 and 10 %, depending on friendliness or quality. However, it is not compulsory.

Taxi drivers usually receive 10 %.
Small services (porters / wardrobe) are given 1-2 Euros.
At the hairdresser’s it is usually between 5 and 10 %.
In restaurants it is about 10 % (less for larger sums).
In bars, small amounts are rounded up.
If the service is particularly nice, you may give more.
(People working in gastronomy as well as hairdressers and taxi drivers usually don’t earn a lot of money and count on tips.)


Berlin is located quite north.
Therefor nights at the end of June are quite short (sunrise 4:45 am sunset 9:30 pm). The UV index is very high at this time.

Nevertheless, it can still be chilly at the end of June, especially at night, but also during the day. Rain is also possible. In recent years, however, there have also been very hot Summers in Berlin with temperatures of up to 40° Celsius. Accordingly, you should bring appropriate clothing for all eventualities.

Don’t forget sun protection and maybe headgear or – if needed – an umbrella when you’re outside on a rainy day. Mosquito repellent is very useful in forests, parks or at the lake.

Faerie Events

If you would like to attend an activity at the gathering, please check the website to see what you need. In most cases, it’s just you.

In some cases you will find suggestions when you go to the details.

It always makes sense to have something to drink with you.

It’s also great if you carry your own teacup and perhaps a spoon with you on these days.

Please note that only registered participants can take part in the events of the meeting.

A loving note about alcohol and other substances

The Orga-Team likes to address the issue of using alcohol and substances during the gathering.

We don’t feel like putting up a strong policy of restrictions here. We just remind all faeries to be responsible and mindful in their use of substances. Please be aware which effect it may cause to fellow faeries, which might be in a recovery process, and to the energetic container we create together.

For heart circles, bodywork, consciousness/personal growth workshops and similar activities it seems obvious that one wants to attend them sober. For more social events like the picknick or the NTS/Party-evening that might feel different to some of us.

One good policy in faerie circles is to not offer anything to anybody actively. If fellow faeries recognize you having something and they want it too, let them ask for it (and feel free to say yes or no to share).

Another mindful thing to do is asking: „How do you feel about me having now (for example:) a cigarette here?“ That question is different from asking: „Do you mind if I smoke a cigarette here?“ With the second question you will mostly get a polite „Go ahead.“ The first question leads to a deeper conversation and you will actually get to know what other faeries feel about your action.

The gathering might also be a good occasion to break with habits and to explore how you feel, if you do not what you usually would do in a specific situation. Watching what thoughts and emotions are triggered by that.

At the end it’s all about enjoying what you‘re doing or not doing with respect to the boundaries of the people around you.

A small guide

Find some more information about the “queer” Berlin here: