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Computer nerd, tech guy, gamer, problem solver, cuddler, camper, travel enthusiast, plant lover.
I got in touch with the faeries on a trip to the US in 2012 and they are a big part of my life ever since.


Secret Door

Secret Door(he/they)

Life artist, spiritual seeker, lawyer, healer, energy worker, embodied being, since 2017 attending,
co-organizing and contributing to several gatherings around the world.



for a very long time and quite happy in Berlin…

A friend recently asked me which race I would be on “Star Trek”. I came up with Trill. I always found them very empathic, loving, considerate but at the same time technically skilled and reasonably intelligent. The idea of two souls in one person, whereof one is also very flexible in terms of gender, I found at least as fascinating. Well – I’m still looking for a faery name that fits the Trills.



“A space creator and intimate buddy.”
I am a creative all-rounder with a great desire to design, change and improve.
My passion is to move people and realize visions. It is often said about me that I am very good at overviewing and communicating complex interrelationships.