A Summer in Berlin

a faerie city gathering 2023

Wherever we meet, magic arises from unconditional love, intimacy, touch and affection, sharing our stories and talents. It can happen anywhere. Let’s discover Berlin in new and exciting ways. We are creating a space to linger, to relax and to meet each other all over again.

Save the date!

Our gathering starts on Wednesday (June 28th 2023) evening around 6 pm with an opening ceremony and a nice dinner together.

We will end the gathering on Sunday (July 2nd 2023) noon around 2 pm after a common brunch with a closing ceremonie. 

If you live in Berlin: Use these days to share with other faes the things that are close to your heart. Show us your places of strength and peace. Share your hidden highlights of the summer. There are no limits to the activities: whether it’s a flea market, sunbathing in the park, game night, pub, party or picnic by the lake, yoga sessions, sing-along kirtan, cuddle puddle, (k)no(w)-talent-show are only few possibilities to be named. Maybe you will see your own city with different eyes after these days! Take the opportunity for some time off and take a few recreation days in your own city. If you can, it would be great if you could host one or two faeries in your space.  Please use the accommodation form, if you can provide a bed or couch for our visitors.

If you live somewhere else: Discover Berlin in a new way together with others on these days. Look for new experiences and connections. Experience places, people and encounters from a different perspective. Feel free to participate or just enjoy. If you don’t (yet) have friends to stay with or organize your accommodation yourself, we will look for local faeries to host you or help you with  other means of accommodation.
See our separate accommodation form if you need a bed in Berlin.

Register now!

Registrations are not longer possible as we reached the maximum of participants.

When you register, let us know what you’d like to offer during the gathering.
In the coming weeks, we will gather the proposals for the activities and create a framework for our joint discoveries.
Most events and offers will take place in Berlin-Kreuzberg. We are going to have a nice faerie-base close to Kottbusser Tor.

Please be kindly advised that only registered participants can attend the gathering events.

The costs of the gathering will be shared on donation base.
You can calculate for room rentals, materials and other organizational costs approximately 10-20€/person/day. You may of course also participate with lower or higher donations (NOTAFLOF). Meals will be mostly organized as picnic or pot luck and are your own responsibility. Calculate some extra budget for this according to your own needs.

Troi, Steffi, Basic and Secret Door will care for the organization and are looking forward to the time together.