A loving note about alcohol and other substances

The Orga-Team likes to address the issue of using alcohol and substances during the gathering.

We don’t feel like putting up a strong policy of restrictions here. We would like to remind all fairies to use alcohol and substances responsibly and mindfully. Please be aware of the impact it can have on other fairies who may be in recovery and on the energetic container we are creating together.

For heart circles, bodywork, consciousness/personal growth workshops and similar activities it seems obvious that one wants to attend them sober. For more social events like the picknick or the NTS/Party-evening that might feel different to some of us. 

One good policy in faerie circles is to not offer anything to anybody actively. If fellow faeries recognize you having something and they want it too, let them ask for it (and feel free to say yes or no to share).

Another mindful thing to do is asking: „How do you feel about me having now (for example:) a cigarette here?“ That question is different from asking: „Do you mind if I smoke a cigarette here?“ With the second question you will mostly get a polite „Go ahead.“ The first question leads to a deeper conversation and you will actually get to know what other faeries feel about your action.

The gathering might also be a good occasion to break with habits and to explore how you feel, if you do not what you usually would do in a specific situation. Watching what thoughts and emotions are triggered by that.

At the end it’s all about enjoying what you‘re doing or not doing with respect to the boundaries of the people around you.