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Today A SUMMER IN BERLIN slowly comes to an end. In the last five days of our gathering magic arises from unconditional love, intimacy, touch and affection, as well as the sharing of our stories and talents. Thank you all for creating this bubble. And do not forget: you can come back to this place in your hearts and memories any time if needed!

Let the water wash away your tears
Let the fire burn away your fears
Let the wind blow into your life such faith and trust
Let the earth hold you, take care of you and nurture you
To create magic on earth

Alexia Chellun

Need a place to chill or shower?

BOILER will welcome all faeries this weekend including Monday for free.
Just show your Memory-Card at the check-in and be kindly affectionate to the Staff 😉
(You can bring your own drinks. The drinks at the bar are charged according to their regular price-list!).
Update: BOILER will reopen after the shutdown on SATURDAY 19:00!

Update: Morning-Circle

We are going to offer a Faerie Morning Circle each day at 10:00 at the headquarters. We will gather, exchange and make contacts for the day. And you can enroll for events while there.

For this reason, and so that you can participate, we have moved the start time for activities from 10:30am to 11:00am.